Notation related to the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Selling price

The sales price will be the displayed amount (display price / consumption tax included).

Timing and method of payment (consideration)

Payment method: You can use PayPal payment.

Payment period: PayPal payment will be confirmed at the time of ordering the product.

Once the order is completed, the payment method cannot be changed, so please check carefully before using.

Special terms for returns

Please note that due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

If you cannot download the product, please contact the following contact information.

Regarding subscription plans (regular purchase contracts)

If you confirm your order with a subscription plan, it will be a subscription contract that will give you access to the member page every month. This is an indefinite contract that will continue until you contact us to cancel.

Subscription plan payment method

For the first time, payment will be made when the order is confirmed, and after that, the payment procedure will be taken on the same date every month .

A registered customer's PayPal payment information is securely stored until the subscription is cancelled.

Subscription plan suspension/cancellation

You can pause or cancel anytime.

If you wish to suspend or cancel your subscription, please log in to My Page of your customer account and click the subscription cancellation button displayed there.

Product delivery time

Once your order has been received and payment has been made, we will send you an email with the right to access the image download page.


The store operator is in charge of managing the site that sells images of Arisa Hanyu, and is not involved in the management of Arisa Hanyu herself. Therefore, please limit your inquiries to matters related to the operation of this site. Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries regarding information related to Arisa Hanyu herself .

We will do our best to respond to all inquiries by email, but please note that inquiries will generally be handled on the next business day.

Name and contact information of the store operator

Business name: Tokyo Business Partners Co., Ltd. Contact:
Store Manager: Sho Mikami